March 23, 2019 Chicago Team

The Type Workshop

We’re thrilled to have legendary art director Roger Black leading a valuable type workshop at SND Chicago. Sponsored by Font Bureau, the day is meant to be both a primer about what you need to learn about typography in identity design and a hands-on look at practical tips, fonts and links that you can start using right away. Reserve your spot now. Space is limited.

Bring Your Project

A unique aspect of this day is that the session leaders will work on your projects. Bring a current idea and they will help you workshop it in the afternoon. Need a view on your brand refresh? Have a new section you’re launching? Interested in extending your type to other platforms? Whatever you are thinking about doing, take the opportunity to get solid advice and direction from these distinguished experts.


The Program

Here’s how the whole day is likely to unfold:

  • 10:00: Introductions
  • 10:10: Headline schedules. What we can learn from the 20th century?
  • 10:30: Local = Brand. Why special typography for news publications matters.
  • 10:50: How you can use variable fonts now. Practical tips, fonts and links
  • 11:10: Unsolicited Redesigns. NYT, WP, LAT.
  • 11:30: Typography in a cross-platform world (Eduardo)

11:50 — The Crit: Participants bring type projects* for review by the leaders. With general discussion. If you don’t bring them, we will grab them off the web and do instant redesigns.

12:30 — Lunch: Provided by Google Fonts

2:00 — The Workshop: Participants collaborate with Eduardo, Lucas and Roger for one-on-one sessions on specific projects. Presentations to follow (around 4:00) for open feedback.

* Bring your laptop.